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Wulan’s 100 dives

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April… May… June… July… August… September…

6 months already I has been joined the Diving Internship program with Crystal Diver. I, as one of the new diver among the other interns, did my first dive with Crystal Divers. Still remember how nervous and hard to equalize when I did my first dive in Bali. I learnt more and more how to be a good and responsible diver since then.

I got more knowledge and information with stepping up into the higher level of PADI education. Start with the open water until now I started my Dive Master Course. Every dive has their own memory to me, even not all of them are good. These experiences, bad or good, will make my journey become colorful. I learnt from the bad experience and tried to avoid it to happen again in the future. Good experiences were a starting point to be better than before.

I also got so many new friends from diving. Our instructor already became part of our diving and they always support me and my friends. The DM trainee and new Instructors became good friend of us. Some guests are still being an ordinary guest but some of them became a friend. We shared our moment together and blended into one family. I can say “PADI family” which brought us into one, no matter where we from, how old we are…

Today, 20 September 2011, is my 100 dives – even i didn’t do the naked dive :p and beyond of the plan before – allow me to thank everyone who involve with every dives I ever did. My intern’s friend, my Course Director, All of my Instructors, All PADI staff, All of my friends from Crystal Divers, and all of guests in Crystal Divers… Thank you for taking part of it!



It’s not the end of my diving journey! I’m still looking forward to other dives and new experiences with all the divers! Keep diving and be a responsible diver when ever you dive ^^


Learning to blog ;-)

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New times in Crystal Divers – We’re learning to blog. So from now on you can follow us and get all the news served directly on your computer. However we do still hang out at Crystal in the evening, so you’re of course also more than welcome to come and get the latest news in live 😉 See you around.


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Clean Up the World is a community based environmental campaign that inspires and empowers communities from every corner of the globe to clean up, fix up and conserve their environment.

Now in its 19th year, Clean Up the World, held in conjunction with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), mobilizes an estimated 35 million volunteers from 130 countries annually, making it one of the largest community-based environmental campaigns in the world. The campaign brings together businesses, community groups, schools, governments and individuals in a range of activities and programs that positively improve local environments.
Since the first Clean Up the World campaign in 1993 the improvements achieved due to the efforts of millions of concerned volunteers around the world have been astounding. Examples of community-led Clean Up the World activities include:
Recycling and resource recovery
Tree planting
Education campaigns
Water reuse and conservation
Fix up projects.
You can find more details about Clean Up the World at http://www.cleanuptheworld.orgThose are some information about clean up the world and few days ago we had an email from Australia consulate to participate beach clean up 2011 in Sanur on 17 September 2011. This program was sponsored by Clean Up the World and many affiliations in Bali who care with the environment. Many of participants are from schools, community, and diving centers around Sanur.

On 17 September 2011, we were gathered in front of the Stiff Chili restaurant at Semawang to hear some opening speech from Bali government and consulate. The event were dominated with school students age 10 above and also the teachers. We also as part of Sanur community gave our contribution to this event to keep our beach clean of course 😉

All the interns, Dive Master Trainee (Cecilie, Will and Anthony), and new instructor (Jayson) under Paul Grant supervisor were joined the beach clean up that day. We got plastic bag and one glove to clean the debris in the beach. The beach clean up area covered from Hyatt Hotel Beach until Puri Santrian Beach area. We were in the middle and we decided to go to Puri Santrian way.
We found out not so many participants went to this area. They were going to another side of the beach so it was quit enough for us. We found many plastic debris, slippers, glass bottle and shards of glass. We were walking around the beach for 1 hour and came back to stiff chili to throw away the debris to the garbage truck provided. After the beach clean up, there were also some other programs for the school students such as story telling about the environment, quizzes, and BBQ. It was a beautiful thing to do to start our day. Keep our world clean for a better future!
One more thing about clean up project… We are also making :

Underwater Clean Up “Dive Against Debris”
at Sanur Channel
on 27th September 2011
9 am, meeting point : Crystal Divers, Sanur
We will provide all the dive equipments for all volunteers for this project. If you interested to dive for free with us, you can email to or you can come to Crystal Divers, Sanur, Bali. See you there!


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It was starting with the conversation in the toilet, when Minni asked me which chapter I am now. That time I already finish the chapter of adventure dive ( which they told us to read n answer) so I said that to Minni but the others still haven’t yet. After that she took me to the schedule board and let me choose which one I can go with. The choice is between Tulamben (with Om Toto) or Padang Bai (with Taka). I choose Padang Bai since I’ve been to Tulamben before. Minni said that I need to be here on 7am. There will be 1 guest + taka, and of course with me now

The next day, I went to crystal to go to Padang bai with Taka and Mari (the open water student that time). It took about 1 hour and 15 minutes to reach Padang Bai. In there we set the equipment and ready to go to the dive spot with the boat. It’s a small boat so we need to wear the equipment in the surface.

First dive is in Jepun, we saw pinky frog fish (well its pink! So I call it pinky :p).There is a small wreck in there and an artificial coral. We saw also mantis shrimp, many blue spotted stingrays, cowfish, moray, lionfish, napoleon ( humphead wrasse) and titan triggerfish. Mari is a good diver also even she is still in the open water, she has good buoyancy

After rest for 1 hour, we do the second dive in the Blue Lagoon, I saw more fish in this area, on the wall and there are more fish to see, little fish and little creatures such as pink squad robusta, ribbon eel juvenile, black blotched porcupine fish, Map puffer, Spotted Garden eel, Nudibranches – Jim black, rockmover wrasse, anemone fish : false clown, pink, gobby – fire dartfish and twotone dartfish. Looks like I found so many new stuff in here right? But we didn’t meet any shark that time, I heard that Padang Bai is good place for finding the shark. Its ok better luck next time!

Diving was finished… Time for lunch and go back to crystal. Yes its true when it said diving makes we meet many people. I met Mari and make friend with her. She is nice girl and always smiles even though we can’t communicate fluently but we still learn how to understand each other. She is in Japan now and she will come back to Bali next month for her Dive master I guess. Good luck for that Mari and see you soon!

TULAMBEN – Deep & Wreck Dive

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Many of divers already know the famous wreck in Tulamben and now it’s our turn to go there….

Early morning we already ready to go to Tulamben to do Wreck dive and Deep dive with our instructor, Paul and his assistant Tom. We need to drive for 2,5 hours to Tulamben but it’s really worth it for a nice and amazing place like Tulamben!
The first dive was about Deep Dive -the water was so nice that day, No wave and the visibility was 30m -we will do this dive in Coral Garden to check our Narcosis in 30 meters depth. Paul asked us to do some task under the water, he asked us to touch the number in the slate and touch our nose after we got each number. Beside that he took empty aqua bottle and show us it squeeze under the water. On the surface he asked us to do the same thing while under the water so we will know how much time and how big the difference between the surface and under the water. Along the way we saw many new fishes (well maybe its only for me again :p) such as ornate ghost pipefish ( 3 at once!), blue spotted stingray, napoleon wrase, black ribbon eel, clarck’s anemone fish, short nose pipefish, emperor juvenile angel fish, morish idol, surgeon fish(black spine), bignose unicorn fish and many else! Thanks to Paul who asked us to find the name after the dive so I still can write it in here ^^

“This is American cargo ship in second world war II in 1942. Torpedo by Japanese submarine, in south west of Lombok. In that time the ship leaking and too much water come to the ship. In 1942, the ship comes to the shore in tulamben, at that time everybody can see the ship from the beach. 1963, the biggest mountain eruption ( Agung mountain) and push the ship to the deep water. From the shore to the ship just 30 meters out and from the surface only 4-5 meter deep. The long of the ship wreck is 120meter long and they had 2 torpedos, the first torpedo is shallow point in the stern around 16 meter deep and the second torpedo in the bow around 25 or 26 meter deep. And also the ship has big room and you can come inside. You can see small steering wheel in engine room. You will be enjoyed diving in liberty ship wreck because so many fish, nice coral and also you can see schooling of jackfish. The maximum depth of the wreck is 30 meter. “ That was a story about USST Liberty Wreck in Tulamben, Eri – one of us is from Tulamben and he already familiar with the spot for long time. ( Well I make him tell me once more when I wrote the blog :p)

So after listened to his story we are ready for the second dive! WRECK dive…. When I saw the wreck for the first time there I was amaze, shock, happy and excited. That was really incredible feeling to see such a beautiful things and creature around the wreck. We saw school of Jackfish above the wreck. They swim together and make like a tornado shape, I really can’t describe my feeling that time – my eyes can tell how happy I was! Around the wreck we also found many fishes. We took a couple shoot of under water that time so maybe I will not say anything anymore just enjoy the picture!


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Maybe I’m outdated about this stuff but I want to share again in my blog… it’s about money changer in Bali.
My friend asked me to change USD to IDR one time then I went to the nearest money changer in the Legian road. First I met with the lady who said the change rate is 8200 then she called the guy who work for the money changer and the guy if I exchange 120usd he will give me 8600IDR for the rate. So I change 120 USD. He counted the money first then gave it to me for count it again and he knock it on the table (to make it as one). I received the money and go back to hotel when I count it, it’s not the real amount that I should get. I count again and again, and yes it is minus 300k IDR. Omg omg!! I really count it right before then I went back to the money changer to ask the 300k. When I arrive in the money changer, he said I already count it and yes I count it but its only 700k then I take all my money out to proof it that I didn’t lie. He said that just change it to another money changer and he gave my USD back.
I walk about 1 meter from that money changer and go to another money changer in that road. Then I said to the second guy where I wanted to change 100USD and he said the change rate is 9299 for 100 Bank notes. Ok then he start to give me 20k IDR bank note… gosh I asked him : “ don’t u have 50k bank note?”, and he said he didn’t have it. So after he counted all the money, I counted again. Then he fixed the money again and this time I counted again. When I counted again, I lost 200k again. Then I gave it back to him again, when he count it’s the real number. I will be careful, I didn’t want to do the same mistake like before so I counted again and yes, indeed I lost 200k again. Every time he took the money again, I lost 200k but when he counts it, it’s the real amount. Finally after 4 or 5 times counting, he said I better take another money changer. Then I said ok, he gave my USD back and I came back to hotel. Inside the room I also realize that I lost 10usd!!!! GODDDDDD… what’s wrong with Bali!!! That time my friend said that he already know about this and I said why he didn’t tell me before???? He thought that I already know about this, but its ok, it’s a lesson for you. I really pissed off with those money changer… Will never ever go to that place again! Finally we go to the big money changer to change the money…
Lesson from this experience: don’t be rush (like me!!) and be careful with the small money changer in the road side who gave high rate. They all are snake, they smile and they will eat your money. Just go to big and decent money changer or bank even it will be a little less but better than they eat your money! My Balinese friend advice me, if you caught this thing in the future just go back to the money changer and said that you will report to the police about this matter. I’m sure they will give your money or take back their money again. Keep safe and enjoy your holiday in Bali!