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New candidates New IDC and a new GoPro challenge has been accepted !!!

Nov 14, 2013   //   by supernova   //   IDC GoProBali with Crystal Divers  //  No Comments

Do you remember the the first  day of your you open water ???

well i am sure the IDC candidates has flashbacks after the first day on the IDC here at Crystal.











13 November at 09.00, 8 determined Divemasters took on the GoPro challenge and started their IDC to become PADI Open water scuba instructors. they have 16 days of IDC and e days of Instructor Examinations and 2 days of Emergency first response instructor training in from of them.  xam, will i be able to demonstrate the skills, is the Teacher going to like me ???? So many questions and spinning around in you head. Divers. its almost the same they know they are in for something new and something that will change their lives forever. can i do this, am i gonna be good at this, will i pass the IE, is the teacher going to like me, is the Examiner going to like me, will i be able to demonstrate the skills good enough, will people listen to my presentation, how to do the presentations, what if i fail the standard exams, what if, what if, what if, what if ?????

First Day, Orientation presentation and we got to know who they were and its a real mix between previous pilots, previous media producers, social media geniuses, dive center manager, Bar manager etc… So we had lots of fun and lots of great Ideas but i think we all agreed that a fun game in the pool at the end of the day was great to loosen up and get to know everyone abit better. The candidate have a ”big brother” theme though out the IDc but they have renamed it ”The Big Buddy” house. and it has lots of challenges and lots of games and they have two teams cometing towards each other. AA Team and Minni lovers. May the best team win, however i am sure by the end of the IDC and the IE,  EVERYONE will be winners or at least INSTRUCTORS :-) maybe both.











Day 2 of the Nov IDC and already people seems to be more relaxed i believe most of the nervousness went away after the first day. Lesson learn from the first day of the IDC was also NEVER leave your Facebook open you might get “FRAPED”. Now it is pure determination and focus on the daily tasks assigned and tomorrow  on day 3 their first class room presentations will be done . But today we started with some test exams on the 5 dive theories and the only noise in the classroom was the BEEP from the eRDP ML. pheeww scary first exams right ?











Next up on the schedule was the to learn our candidates to Dive for the “first time ever” start diving and DSD workshop and we found out we had candidates that actually should have joined the Seal team instead of the Discover scuba diving workshop, clearly someone had a very short attention span.

Then we had another BIG BUDDY HOUSE challenge of the day. Today the two teams AA Team and the Minni lovers had a hard and tough Pool volleyball match after winning first set AA Team looked strong but the Minni lovers made a comeback and gain in and won a set which made the game very competitive and fun to watch, we even had to have a time out for some pep talk and strategies. Finally AA team won the second consecutive challenge. Minni Lovers we still know you will make a glorious comeback maybe tomorrow ?