Day 7 & 8 ~ Open water time!

aug 21, 2013   //   by supernova   //   Blog

Yesterday was the first time the IDC candidates jumped to open water. This time they would learn to set up and find the dive site, manage the students in open water and Project aware time! Early morning we have gone to Sanur Channel with Minni and Taka. They needed to see how to use the buoy and line under the water. They practiced stationary skills and using the line for ascent skills. After that we were ready to do an underwater clean up of the dive site.

Minni was taught us about physic and pointed out 7 important things in physics. Yesterday we also have special guest from Thailand, Tony Andrew. He is temporary RM for Indonesia and he taught us about business in Diving. We finished earlier today and the IDC can relax a bit and enjoy the day because there will be no assignment for the next day :)

Today we have a really great day with the presentation of  physics  and skills & environment! They all learnt so many things these days and become better day by day.  We also have “Adventure in Diving” presentation today. We were closing the day with the passing score on the theory exam 3 for all candidates! Now you all can enjoy your holiday 😉 Have fun guys!