Join Crystal Divers and the evolution on ScubaEarth!

Dec 13, 2012   //   by supernova   //   Blog, Crystal Divers

Join Crystal Divers and the evolution!

Join Crystal Divers crew on ScubaEarth™ is your one-stop resource for everything scuba related and where you can research, plan and share your dive experiences. Search more than 50,000 dive sites, find PADI Dive Centers and Resorts, connect with new dive buddies, log your dives, upload your dive photos or videos and more.

Find all Crystal divers staff on Scuba earth share logged dives and pictures you enjoyed together with us.

Join crystal Divers on ScubaEarth community (it’s free)

• Find current weather information and recent dive conditions for your favorite dive sites.
• Explore more than 60 dive destinations around the world to help plan your next trip.
• Join Crystal Divers dive crew your favorite PADI dive shop in Bali
• Track your scuba gear purchase dates, service dates and more in your gear locker.
• Keep a digital logbook of your dives and associate photos with those dives.
• Contact or leave messages for your favorite dive buddies and PADI dive shops.


Get started on this exciting, valuable social dive experience together with Crystal Divers now:

1. Go to or click the ScubaEarth logo below to register

2. Select your experience level andselect Register

3. Enter your details and select Register

Select Crystal Divers as  Primary Dive Shop

ChoseCrystal Divers as your  PADI dive shop as your primary dive center. Choosing a primary shop center means you’ll see our upcoming activities and programs. Edit Your Profile Info Tab Upload a profile photo to your profile. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be the same one you have on your certification card. You can also write a brief description of yourself, the kind of diving you enjoy or just about any other fun facts you want to share with your buddies. As you upload photos to share, the three most recent ones will appear at the top on your info tab.

Start Your Logbook

Your logbook is a collection of all your dives logged in ScubaEarth. Click the blue “log a dive” button at the top of any page to log a dive. Choose the dive site from the map (you can search by dive site name or location). If the dive site doesn’t exist, you can add it by entering the GPS coordinates. Once you’ve selected the dive site, enter your dive details. You can be detailed right away or just log the basics and come back later to add more. You can also upload images and associate them with your logged dive. You can also choose to have your logged dives and images display on the community dive map.

Stock Your Gear Locker

Add the equipment you dive with to your virtual gear locker. You can also keep track of purchase and service dates. A well-stocked gear locker also makes it easier to track which gear configurations you use when you log your dives.View Your Certifications All of your PADI certifications are automatically displayed, which makes it simple to replace a certification card if you need to. Add Media Show your dive buddies your cool dive experiences and associate the pictures with your logged dives.

Research Featured Destinations

Find more than 60 featured dive destinations with essential information like the best time to visit, what to expect, any iconic marine life and the top sites at that location. This is just about everything you need to know about a dive destination at a glance.

View Dive Shops

Find all PADI dive shops not only Crystal Divers, view their profiles and join their dive crew to stay up-todate on their activities and events so you can keep diving.View/Add/Edit Dive SitesView, edit or add dive sites around the world. You can look at recently logged dives for each dive site to get an idea of the dive conditions and get current weather information to plan your next dive. Don’t forget to log your dives and share your experiences.