8 IDC Candidates & 8 peoples lives that is about to change Forever !!

Nov 22, 2013   //   by supernova   //   Blog, IDC GoProBali with Crystal Divers

Latest update from the ongoing IDC here at GoPRobali with Crystal Divers Bali.

There has been a few hectic days on the IDC but i am sure we all agree on that we all having a good time.


We have managed to get ahead of our schedule due to ambitious candidates and master planning from the Course director Minni Vangsgaard. Exams been done on a daily basis, class room presentations becoming better and better and the candidates can start seeing the progress they have made in such a short time. Presentations scores are high exam score getting higher and the confidence is now growing by the minute. However they need to think about what they are saying some times, “Is everyone turned on ??” “just stick it in”  does this sound like something you should be saying in the class room ? not really right ? haha

The Big Buddy House challenge keeps going on and making us all to have a loud laugh every now and then specially with the secret hand signals they incorporate in the pool presentations. The competition has even out and turned. The Big Buddy team “minni Lovers” has caught up with the dominating AA Team. Minni Lovers has now gone past the A Team and is leading the competition. Time for the AA team to pick it up.

The last few challenges has been very tight but then the slow starters “Minni Lovers” picked up the pace this is how they caught up with the AA team.

They had a challenge where the Team had to swim as many lanes Underwater as possible as a team effort AA Team Crushed the minni Lovers with 11 lanes against 8. And i think Minni Lovers got pist of since they were way behind the Dominating AA team.

The day after in the evening it was raining and thundering heavy so we decided to do a POKER/PIZZA/BEER night and after AA team was picked of one by one by the Minni Lovers and the JOKER (IDC staff instructor Robin) It finally came down to 2 persons left on the table the JOKER and Danielle from the Minni lovers Team. The JOKER tried a full on Bluff and went all in Danielle was quick to call and it turned out she has pretty good hand which gave her the WIN of the poker night and also the Big Buddy challenge of the day.

Poker-night-4 at Crystal Divers Bali IDC

IDc in Bali with Poker night at Crystal Divers









JOKER… why so serious !!!??? its only poker.. if i dont won next time i will get very very angry :-)


Some people prefer to use the pizza as a hat rather than eating it.. come on what a waste !!??













Also due to the facebook rape earlier in this week of on of the Candidates random pictures of the guilty person has showed op around crystal. Any marketing is good marketing so bring it on see Robin on his tour around Crystal. However chili in the regulator is not very nice !! Revenge is best served cold… don’t forget that :-)

Robin on tour around crystal Divers in Bali at GoProBali IDC

The next Big buddy challenge was the following day when we had a open water diver workshop in Sanur chanel. After the Open water workshop were the candidates learned how to control an Open water dive during an open water course and how to conduct some of the most challenging skills such as 5 point descent with a large group, CESA, and fin pivot in case of abit of a current .

Cesa5 point dec







Project aware








After the work shop we had nearly 1 hour to do a Dive against Debris for project aware to collect and report all the rubbish we found. We collected 154 items to a total weight of 12kg from the dive site Sanur Chanel.  And the team that collected the most was Minni lovers so they won that challenge. There was another challenge in the same day which was who ever found the most strange item. The most strange and valuable item was a Tank boot, and that was also the Minni lovers who found so they won 2 challenges in 1 day.




This means that Minni lovers are now 1 challenge ahead of the AA team also the Minni lovers are ahead of AA team in the Most likes on Facebook challenge.

Finally it was time for a well deserved day of and what better way to celebrate that than having a heavy night out. It was a great night with lots of good drinks and lots of dancing on stages, dance floors More in details exactly what happens is something you will have to ask the candidates.

Today on the 22/11 we were all rested out and ready for more learning. The candidates started of the day with General standards and procedures EXAMS… huhuhu BUT they all did great then it was time for some Equipment sales and Con ed sales workshop and pool session again.