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sep 19, 2011   //   by supernova   //   Interns Blog  //  No Comments

Maybe I’m outdated about this stuff but I want to share again in my blog… it’s about money changer in Bali.
My friend asked me to change USD to IDR one time then I went to the nearest money changer in the Legian road. First I met with the lady who said the change rate is 8200 then she called the guy who work for the money changer and the guy if I exchange 120usd he will give me 8600IDR for the rate. So I change 120 USD. He counted the money first then gave it to me for count it again and he knock it on the table (to make it as one). I received the money and go back to hotel when I count it, it’s not the real amount that I should get. I count again and again, and yes it is minus 300k IDR. Omg omg!! I really count it right before then I went back to the money changer to ask the 300k. When I arrive in the money changer, he said I already count it and yes I count it but its only 700k then I take all my money out to proof it that I didn’t lie. He said that just change it to another money changer and he gave my USD back.
I walk about 1 meter from that money changer and go to another money changer in that road. Then I said to the second guy where I wanted to change 100USD and he said the change rate is 9299 for 100 Bank notes. Ok then he start to give me 20k IDR bank note… gosh I asked him : “ don’t u have 50k bank note?”, and he said he didn’t have it. So after he counted all the money, I counted again. Then he fixed the money again and this time I counted again. When I counted again, I lost 200k again. Then I gave it back to him again, when he count it’s the real number. I will be careful, I didn’t want to do the same mistake like before so I counted again and yes, indeed I lost 200k again. Every time he took the money again, I lost 200k but when he counts it, it’s the real amount. Finally after 4 or 5 times counting, he said I better take another money changer. Then I said ok, he gave my USD back and I came back to hotel. Inside the room I also realize that I lost 10usd!!!! GODDDDDD… what’s wrong with Bali!!! That time my friend said that he already know about this and I said why he didn’t tell me before???? He thought that I already know about this, but its ok, it’s a lesson for you. I really pissed off with those money changer… Will never ever go to that place again! Finally we go to the big money changer to change the money…
Lesson from this experience: don’t be rush (like me!!) and be careful with the small money changer in the road side who gave high rate. They all are snake, they smile and they will eat your money. Just go to big and decent money changer or bank even it will be a little less but better than they eat your money! My Balinese friend advice me, if you caught this thing in the future just go back to the money changer and said that you will report to the police about this matter. I’m sure they will give your money or take back their money again. Keep safe and enjoy your holiday in Bali!