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Every End Has A Start

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I watched one movie series and it was about intern doctors who need to find another place to get more experience, they did that in the 5th year of their education. In that movie, one of the attending didn’t want to let go the intern, and another intern didn’t want to move to another place. But at the end all needed to move on to gain another experience beside the place we called “home”. It is the same with all of us here, the seven interns, we need to go to somewhere else than our home, we need to grow up to face the world but at some point we will go home.
Almost one month ago we finished our internship with CRYSTAL DIVERS as diving instructor. It has been a pleasure to be part of this program. I have so many new friends,a new family,a new life and great moments in my life.  Allow me to give big gratitude to all the people who helped me in diving and also non diving.
To my fellow interns, thank you for your friendship. I can call you all my sisters and brothers. You will always be part – one of the best parts in my life. It was also a pleasure to work with you guys, hand in hand. I haven’t said a proper good-bye last time because it’s not a permanent good bye. We will gather together – all of us – in some point in our life.
Vintty, oneng -my beautiful roommate and my only sister in this internship, she always said it’s ok for everything to me, especially in cooking. She also always helped us to learn about diving, a good teacher can I say especially for one of us (you know what I mean right ;)) . Good luck with your new journey we will meet again someday.

Eri, the commandant, don’t be worry so much.. Today is today, tomorrows problem just be tomorrows problems. That’s what Eri always said to me. Don’t be worried too much, life is easy. He also always gives us a place when we do over night trip to Tulamben because he is the owner of Tulamben :p Good luck for your job atTulamben Wreck divers!!  I will come to you if I go to Tulamben.
Jink, the golden boy, we had some problem before, during the internship, but after several moments all the things got back to normal. Well its part of our journey maybe but we are fine now. He always entertains us with his jokes, because it is in his blood. From serious problems, he can also make it into a joke.  Take good care of your health seriously bro. Don’t mess up with it again ok 😉 Good luck with your dive and we will meet again soon!
Nico, the adventurer, he really got many experiences in his life from bad things until good things. He also have someone special and finally he got the girl 😉 Way to go Nico!! You are a good instructor, believe that and don’t worry about people talking about you. Just show them that you can do it, no need to say it. Good luck with Crystal Divers and take good care of crystal bro!



Imam, the thinker, he is a good person but at some times he tends to make simple things to be really complicated. Remember KISS imam and don’t think too much ok. He is a friend who is always there for you when you need it and he’s a hard working guy. Thank you for the bike and I wish you all the luck in Gili Air! You need to take me diving if I go there 😉

Made, the little brother, first time he always thought that it’s too hard and everything, but the good thing is that he wants to be success so he learns harder every day. Sometimes he didn’t want to listen to everybody and locked himself in his room. He is a good diver but always get cold – eat more ya made ;), a good bartender, and also a good chef. Good luck in Big Bubble Made! I will see you in Gili!!!
I also can’t express my gratitude enough to Crystal Divers. You gave us a once in a lifetime opportunity that   I will never regret in my life. Opportunities to know a hidden world, to know many people from around the world, to know the meaning of life. I would not know all the things if I didn’t take this chance. All the instructors, dive masters, instructor trainee, guests, the girls, equipment boys, room boys, all the drivers, boat crew.  Thank you thank you thank you for the friendship. I am pleased to know each of you and you always have a place in my heart. Keep contact and all the best for your plans in the future. Also a big thank you to PADI, Dive Master, DAN and all the person who sponsored us. We will not be like today if without your help also.
I want to thank especially to Minni , who gave us this wonderful opportunity. It would not be like this, if you didn’t have trust, support and dream. You have all the trust to us even sometimes we even didn’t trust ourselves. You raiseed us like you raiseed your own baby. You love us from deep inside your heart. You taught us about diving and also life, courage, dream, and drinking. Now we need to grow up and face the world but you keep open your arms to hold us if something happen to us. You are our mom, our angel, our savior. We can’t pay you but we can show you that your hard work will not be used less. Someday we will make you more proud to seven of us and we will try to not let you down.
This post will be the last blog for my journey in crystal diver because the program is over and we need to face the world in front of us as good instructors for our next generation. I, myself will go back to Jakarta to a new work place, Dive Master Jakarta. If someday you go to Jakarta don’t forget to contact me there;)  I wish you all good luck and I hope we keep in contact <3 <3 <3

Instructor Development Course

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IDC… Instructor Development Courses! Finally after 1 year we have been studying in here, we made it to the critical stage. We have been studying for 16 days to fulfill the entire requirement. We were studying about theory (5 theories we learnt in Dive Master) and PADI standards, Class Presentation, Pool Presentation, and Open water Presentation. Other than that we also listened to some presentation about Marketing, Rush Hour, Business in Diving, etc. We sit on the classroom for few days with also pool and open water session but mainly we spent the time in the class and pool.

It was fun and tired course actually but it all paid with our good score during the course. Minni, Holly, Taka, Giovanni (as Staff Instructor Candidate), Else, and Paul presented and helped us through this course. We already know a little bit about the IDC because we have been here for 1 year and we saw many IDC before our own IDC but still it’s different from sit backside to front seat. Some of us joined two times IDC so they know and more confident to make some presentation and the theory as well.


Our progress was really good. All the mark was more than passing score. Maybe one or two mistake on the pool presentation because of breaking standard but it’s a learning process. We knew what the mistakes were and we learnt to avoid that in the future. Thanks to the entire instructor who patiently taught us to be better instructor. This course is

different from other courses, we need to stand in front of the class to talk about mistake question, selling some con-ed and dive equipments. We need to identify the mistake on the pool or open water that usually new students have it.

One more step to be a diving instructor and all of us would achieve a good score and wouldn’t let down the entire person who already spent many time to teach, trust, and support us all. Three days of IE started on 2nd of April and like Minni said not good luck because we all have the knowledge already.

Mapping Trip

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Mapping is one of the Dive Master requirement, we need to make an underwater map of one dive side in Bali. Seven of us will make one dive site map and the choice goes to TULAMBEN DROP OFF “The fantasy wall”. Minni helped us out to make a choice this time because almost all other dive sites have been made before. So we need to prepare all the things to bring to Tulamben because we wouldn’t do only the paper map, we would also make the 3D map so need more preparation than others right. We planned what we need to do, the tools we need to bring, the equipment to make the 3D structure, transport, tank and the accommodation. We haven’t been going in one go because we will be in the car with the other customer so it saved some transport money. Three of us – me, jink and imam – went first because we need to do the deep specialty before we begin our Mapping diving. The second group planned to arrive in Tulamben at night with motor bike and the last group would be arriving next morning with motorbike as well.

First day…

We were ready to do the first dive now!

The first group is me and Eri, the second group is Jink and Vintty, and the last group is Nico, Imam, and Made. Each group have their own duty. My group’s duty was checking the compass heading, finding the distance for the place we mapped, and surface compass heading from entry point. We did the dive for 60 minutes and we had lunch with Minni and Tony (from PADI). We were talking a lot about what we gonna do after we finished this course and he adviced us about how to find a job. It’s really a good advice for us and a reward for our 1 year course. The second dive, my group need to count the kick cycle from the wall, the details of the wall, and the distance from the block. We were done with the diving for day 1 now! We made the structure for the 3D Drop- Off map. We have been doing it together and it looks like we are a good team. We made it from cement and all of us have our own speciality in this thing Like Nico is good in mixing the cement First structure was done in first day and we need to make it dry then we can continue to the next structure. Not an easy time because if we use cement for all of the structure it will be really heavy (it’s still heavy like hell even with the steroform inside!!).

Second day…

This dive was focusing in the wall contour and the interesting points. We need to find the distance and the depth for all of that. It took us not so long to do that because Eri and Jink already familiar with Drop Off. We were finished earlier that day and we were playing in the beach for a while collecting the rocks, the sand for our map and Jink took us to the edge of the beach and we dug a hole about a couple meters from the sea and yes, the water indeed not salty. It’s so weird but that is the mystery of Tulamben. The rest of the day we spent to finish the contour of the 3D Map. We discussed a lot about the contour and we need, is to wait again to do the next dive because there was still something missing in our mind. We also went to the hill on sunset, Eri showed us the place where we can see the Agung Mount and the sea in high place. It was a good view and really nice to end our Mapping Trip to Tulamben. We also a made sketch for the paper map that night. We had fish grill dinner like always and Eri’s family and friends came to join us there and we had a little party that night because this is the end of our trip to Tulamben. Thank you for the hospitality of Eri’s Family!

Third day…

Final dive today because some of us will go home today and we needed to finish the contour at Crystal. We were diving for 1 hour to make sure again the interesting point of the place. And that was it. We finished our mapping dive and time to go home now. We were separated into 3 groups again to go home…


This Journey was also the first journey for all of us and it tightened our friendship. We will do it again for celebrating our Instructor maybe That was our 3 days Journey to Tulamben and for finalizing the map we were doing it in Crystal with our document. We put the rock and the sand to the structure, made Jukung miniature, the coral, sponge and paint it. The hardest part was searching for the material for the miniature because we can’t use play-do! The play-do cant be hard and we need something that last forever. So we need to skip this part first and focus to another map. The paper map is not so hard to be finished because its only drawing so we finish it in less than a week.

I was searching the material to create the miniature and with Milan help, I found the shop where they sell CLAY! I could move forward then. I made some miniature of jukung, coral, sponge, and the block. We put all the miniature in the place and paint it. It Looks pretty cool now and we need 1 month to finish all the things.


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Dive master is the first pro level in diving. We already can be a guide and a teacher for refresher aka certified diver who long time didn’t dive. So they need to be refreshed about all the skills. There are some requirements to be a Dive Master: Certified as PADI AOW and Rescue Diver, 18 years old, Logged 40 dives, Complete the EFR training within 24 months, and of course the medical requirement as well.

To be the Dive Master is a different level with OWC until Rescue Diver level, in this level we will be trained as a professional who can lead a group or advice students. So we need to learn how to do all the things in the right way and using our good judgment. That’s why in this level, they will give us so many task to do like guiding, assisting, preparing, repairing, etc.



Beside the 9 chapter theory and 2 exams, we also need to complete some of the skills such as:

  1. 400 meters swimming
  2. 800 meters snorkeling
  3. 100 meters diver towing
  4. 15 minutes floating
  5. Equipment exchange
  6. Assisting confined water course
  7. Assisting Open water Dives
  8. Assisting theory open water course
  9. Assisting Advance Open water Dives
  10. Assisting Rescue Divers
  11. Skill Circuit
  12. Rescue no 7
  13. Deep work/ specialty
  14. S&R work/ specialty
  15. Assisting DSD Confined water
  16. Assisting DSD Open water
  17. Discover Local Diving ( or we can say guiding)
  18. Setting up the dive site
  19. Mapping
  20. Briefing
  21. Skin diving
  22. Physic
  23. Physiology
  24. Skills and equipment
  25. RDP
  26. Equipment
  27. Days with equipment boys
  28. Equipment service
  29. Scuba refresher
  30. Log dives

So far most of us already did some of the skills above like assisting open water ( in theory, pool and open water), assisting AOW, S&R work, Deep work, equipment service, and of course the log dive already 60 + :)

We were gathered in the pool side and this time Minni was giving us some tips to put our equipment in the right order and that’s the way the BCD should be prepared for all the customer. We also got a gift from Minni, the Crystal Bandana, and she had something to do with that bandana for the first task as DMT. We were asked to use the bandana to close our eyes while assembling and disassembling the BCD and regulator.. good gift and good way to use it :p We were needed to show it as if we teach students. We need to speak loud becase there were a lot of DMT around so our voice need to be louder than the others!!! Like Minni said in the first time, NO SHY in here! After this all the DMT jumped to the pool to do the 24 skills circuit with Minni.

We have time to do it slowly and of course with guidance from all our instructors in Crystal Divers, we need to try to be the best like always!

Interns & DMT Skin Diving

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As part of the Interns and Dive Master Trainees (DMT) continuing education, one requirement is to undertake the Skin Diving Course. It is one of the many skill sets that form part of every Dive Masters training. Here at Crystal Divers a little fun is injected into the training and every participant is assigned with coming up with a skill or game that can be used during the course. Any number of games are thought up and whilst fun, they do have a great deal of added value.

The ideas for the games are varied and diverse and it never ceases to amaze the ingenuity of those that come up with them. Games vary from the simple to the more inventive. Examples of the games were swimming from one end of the pool to the other, swim through a submerged hoop and collect as many weights as possible before returning to the other end; diving from one end of the pool to the other, exchanging masks underwater, writing your name on a slate before returning underwater to the other end.

Other games played were swimming around the edge of the pool whilst keeping one fin out of the water. No easy task and if you don’t believe it, try it. Another popular game was two skin divers battling underwater to try and remove the others mask whilst keeping hold of your own. More often it would be a draw as each of the players lost their own mask. One skill game that brought out the competitive nature of those taking part was the longest breath hold, with some showing themselves to be as near to fish as possible.


But by far the most inventive game was one thought up by Wulan, combining ’aquatic life trivial pursuit’ questions with skin diving tasks. She gave each diver a clue as to the identity of an aquatic life form and then the diver had to swim underwater to the far end of the pool and find the weight with the correct answer. Some wrong answers meant the diver returning with the wrong weight and an early exit from the game.

Whilst the games and skills were fun, there was added value, from breath holding techniques, finning techniques to buoyancy control when navigating though the submerged hoola-hoops. All skills that are important to the skin diver but also the diver in terms of buoyancy. Not breath holding of course as all divers know the most important rule of diving;


In all it was a most enjoyable experience for those partaking and is testament to the internship at Crystal Divers. I have no doubt that the interns will go from strength to strength, becoming amazing Dive Masters and Instructors.



First Baby on Boat with Crystal Divers

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One day, I had trip to Manta Point with Holly and 4 guests. Guess what, they consist of 3 adult and 1 baby! Yeah sounds weird in first time but it’s the guest requested to Crystal so we just gave the best experience for all of them. This time also the first fun dive I did with one of my great instructor, Holly MacLeod, never been diving with Holly for fun dive before and It was GREAT^^

Early morning we gathered in Crystal to sign and check anything before we leave Sanur heading to Manta Point. The guest was pick up in Hyatt Hotel, 5 min from crystal and they were really took a baby with them. He is 2 months cute little baby boy, Nicholas, and I can say adorable. Holly and I were thinking how about the propeller machine sound, would it made the baby cry all the time… hmm lets see.

Ok, now we were on the boat and I did the briefing before we started our journey to manta Point… apparently all the things that we were afraid of were not come true. The baby didn’t cry at all because of the boat machine sound… .wow that’s really cool! He was sleeping all time and only cry because he was hungry – well you know a baby right ;). The parents went dive with their baby with the Nanny… that’s really nice to know that 2 months baby can go with the boat, maybe I can take my (future) baby to the boat as well 😉

The journey went really well except something problem with new BCD one of them, beside that it was under control, we saw MANTAS – and we were alone! Ted and Alejandra were really had a good time with us and they decided to take another trip with the baby also (and the nanny of course).

Have fun and enjoy your trip in Bali for Ted, Alejandra and cute Nicholas!

Wulan’s 100 dives

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April… May… June… July… August… September…

6 months already I has been joined the Diving Internship program with Crystal Diver. I, as one of the new diver among the other interns, did my first dive with Crystal Divers. Still remember how nervous and hard to equalize when I did my first dive in Bali. I learnt more and more how to be a good and responsible diver since then.

I got more knowledge and information with stepping up into the higher level of PADI education. Start with the open water until now I started my Dive Master Course. Every dive has their own memory to me, even not all of them are good. These experiences, bad or good, will make my journey become colorful. I learnt from the bad experience and tried to avoid it to happen again in the future. Good experiences were a starting point to be better than before.

I also got so many new friends from diving. Our instructor already became part of our diving and they always support me and my friends. The DM trainee and new Instructors became good friend of us. Some guests are still being an ordinary guest but some of them became a friend. We shared our moment together and blended into one family. I can say “PADI family” which brought us into one, no matter where we from, how old we are…

Today, 20 September 2011, is my 100 dives – even i didn’t do the naked dive :p and beyond of the plan before – allow me to thank everyone who involve with every dives I ever did. My intern’s friend, my Course Director, All of my Instructors, All PADI staff, All of my friends from Crystal Divers, and all of guests in Crystal Divers… Thank you for taking part of it!



It’s not the end of my diving journey! I’m still looking forward to other dives and new experiences with all the divers! Keep diving and be a responsible diver when ever you dive ^^



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Clean Up the World is a community based environmental campaign that inspires and empowers communities from every corner of the globe to clean up, fix up and conserve their environment.

Now in its 19th year, Clean Up the World, held in conjunction with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), mobilizes an estimated 35 million volunteers from 130 countries annually, making it one of the largest community-based environmental campaigns in the world. The campaign brings together businesses, community groups, schools, governments and individuals in a range of activities and programs that positively improve local environments.
Since the first Clean Up the World campaign in 1993 the improvements achieved due to the efforts of millions of concerned volunteers around the world have been astounding. Examples of community-led Clean Up the World activities include:
Recycling and resource recovery
Tree planting
Education campaigns
Water reuse and conservation
Fix up projects.
You can find more details about Clean Up the World at http://www.cleanuptheworld.orgThose are some information about clean up the world and few days ago we had an email from Australia consulate to participate beach clean up 2011 in Sanur on 17 September 2011. This program was sponsored by Clean Up the World and many affiliations in Bali who care with the environment. Many of participants are from schools, community, and diving centers around Sanur.

On 17 September 2011, we were gathered in front of the Stiff Chili restaurant at Semawang to hear some opening speech from Bali government and consulate. The event were dominated with school students age 10 above and also the teachers. We also as part of Sanur community gave our contribution to this event to keep our beach clean of course 😉

All the interns, Dive Master Trainee (Cecilie, Will and Anthony), and new instructor (Jayson) under Paul Grant supervisor were joined the beach clean up that day. We got plastic bag and one glove to clean the debris in the beach. The beach clean up area covered from Hyatt Hotel Beach until Puri Santrian Beach area. We were in the middle and we decided to go to Puri Santrian way.
We found out not so many participants went to this area. They were going to another side of the beach so it was quit enough for us. We found many plastic debris, slippers, glass bottle and shards of glass. We were walking around the beach for 1 hour and came back to stiff chili to throw away the debris to the garbage truck provided. After the beach clean up, there were also some other programs for the school students such as story telling about the environment, quizzes, and BBQ. It was a beautiful thing to do to start our day. Keep our world clean for a better future!
One more thing about clean up project… We are also making :

Underwater Clean Up “Dive Against Debris”
at Sanur Channel
on 27th September 2011
9 am, meeting point : Crystal Divers, Sanur
We will provide all the dive equipments for all volunteers for this project. If you interested to dive for free with us, you can email to or you can come to Crystal Divers, Sanur, Bali. See you there!


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It’s been a while since I wrote my last blog. Lots of things have been happened during these pass few months. We’ve been diving with a lot of different instructors for few weeks. Paul changed the schedule for each of us to follow one instructor/ dive master every week but we need to be flexible on the diving trip. If there is no spot available anymore, we need to stay in the office and help the office about selling the diving trips and diving stuffs. We learnt many more things such as how to manage the booking, how to give briefing, how to guide, doing a little part of tune up, OWC, become the victim for the rescue diver. Well all the stuffs that we need to know when we become the instructor 😉
Let’s move forward to the next level… RESCUE DIVER! After some specialties finished and now the time for rescue book. Like always we needed to read and understood about this course. Rescue are about managing the situation before it’s become worse and dealing with it if the accident happened during the dive. Like we learnt before in EFR, we also used term of “Stop, Think and Act”. And the same thing, our safety comes first. In rescue we learnt about diving accident and overcame the situation, what we should do and the best way to take care of the situation.
Each chapter gave use more information about dealing with every diving accident. They gave us a lot of time to read, answered the quizzes and of course the knowledge reviews. After several weeks, now we all sit together in the class to talk about the quizzes and knowledge review. One day was not enough for doing the rescue course so that we split into 4 days. And you know what, they all were right. This course was the most fun course that I ever had.
The first day was all about theory.. Quizzes and knowledge reviews… we did that from 9am until 3pm from the first chapter until the fourth chapter. Our brains were overloaded so the last chapter, exam, and the pool session will be done on the next day. Holly explained all things which we didn’t understand before patiently.
The second day we did the last chapter only for 1 hour and time to do the FINAL EXAM! Some of us passed the test easily but 3 others needed to do the make up test but at the end all of us passed the test with good score. Finish about rescue diver theory, we did the pool session with Holly and Cecilie as her assistant. We did 7 skills in the pool that day.
Holly told us to do a towing a tired diver race using whatever towing which is the fastest way for warming up. Two technique to approach panic diver on the surface, and I found underwater approaching was easier than other one like Holly said the last thing the panic diver want is going under the water 😉 quick reverse was the next skill, we need to know this skill to protect us from the panic diver who chases and want to go above us. Distress diver under water- out of air, as a rescue diver we need to identify the diver who distress because they out of air and we need to give the octopus and of course take them to the surface, inflate the BCD orally. Surfacing unresponsive diver to the surface also have own technique, keep the regulator in the place (inside or outside mouth), and take the diver with the safe rate ascent.
Handling unresponsive diver on the surface is the longest skill for today because we need to keep the rhythm for giving rescue breath until we reach the boat and do the CPR. Safe the best for the last is a good word for this skill. For the last skill we need to do the exit from the water technique, we can use many techniques for this skill, it all depend on the circumstances and the size of the victim. We were carried each other to go out from the pool and that was an awesome day… It was a nice day to spend my birthday though!
The third day we did all the skills in open water with 2 more skills that we didn’t do in the pool. This time holly was assisted by Tony the new dive master trainee in Crystal. All the skills are the same with skills in the pool beside search pattern and throw a buoy. We practiced 2 search patterns that day, U pattern and expanding square. Throw a buoy also the other skill we needed to do that day. A little scenario at the end of the skill, Tony pretended to be unresponsive diver on the surface and we need to help him.
Last day of Rescue diver course and there were a scenario diving. Holly MacLeod as scenario director prepared the rescue scene for 7 of us. The victims for that day or I can say the brilliant actors were our lovely DMT Cecilie West, Mari Sasaki, Will Cooper, and Anthony Karasiewicz. This was the scenario for us, all we need to do is help and handle the situation for rescuing all of them. It was begun with seasick Cecilie, heat exhaustion Mari and tank drop injured Tony.
Time to dive!!! Some more accidents were happened under the water. Our diving was more interesting than other dive with panic Tony, Out of Air Will, and Tired Mari. Our dive was ended with two missing divers my buddy and our dive guide for that dive. We were planned the searching for the missing divers after took Mari to the boat and calmed Will down with his panic attack. We used the circle pattern for Tony and U pattern for Cecilie, with the SMB for marking where were we so we could contact each other with the snorkeler and another buddy.
Tony was found easily but Cecilie needed more time to be found. It was not end of the scenario, the missing diver turn to be responsive again on the surface and turn out we got another unresponsive diver on the surface Will and Mari. We needed to give rescue breath, towed to the boat and took the to the boat. Took Mari into the boat was much easier than took Will but we did it!
No no no still not finish yet because Cecilie jumped out of the boat follow with Will, Tony and Mari. They all were got panic and we needed to jump to safe them. Last thing Cecilie was injured by the jellyfish and Jink offered to pee on her hand because no vinegar available that time :p Now it was finish for rescue course, really really finished after some delay. WE ARE OFFICIALLY RESCUE DIVER now ^^

EFR part 2

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Earlier in this blog,I was writing a little about primary care.check EFR part 1
The next day, we started the lesson a bit late because Rob needed to examine the IDC, the main reason he is here, first before taught us. And we continue to watch the video and practice the skill such as:
– CPR & Chest Compression
– Conscious/ Unconscious Chocking
– Serious Bleeding Management
– Shock Management, and
– Spinal Injury Management
Then the primary care skill was done! Rob took us to the beach to “visit” the IDC and congratulate them as well. All IDC passed the final test and they are officially INSTRUCTOR! Congratulations to MATT, EMIL, MARIE, RACHEL, EDI, CHLOE. Tonight there was a party for the new Instructor but we needed to continue the lesson first….What did we do after short refreshing?? The answer is FINAL EXAM… But its not scary, because it was open book.

The next thing Rob taught us, is about Oxygen and AED. These are only recommended primary skills but we also need to know about it also. For oxygen there were 2 ways to use it, free flow oxygen for unconscious and not free flow for conscious victim. The free flow we needed to set to be 15 liter per minute and the not free flow we just breathe in from the mask. The AED machine was really easy to use, just press on, put the pad to the place, wait until the thunder button turn on and press it. Then you will be told to check the breath and the sign of the patient. We did the oxygen and the AED when there was no electricity on Crystal Diver, it’s all dark *LOL* but we still enjoy it very much!

Beside primary care, there is second care for the victim. After we treat the ABCD’S, we were able to do the secondary assessment. We did this assessment when we knew that there is no life threat for the victim. There is 4 secondary cares:
I: INJURY ASSESSMENT: We need to check from head to toe and make sure that the victim is ok.
II: ILLNESS ASSESSMENT, use SAMPLE method to assess this. SIGN AND SYMPTOMS by asking the victim, checking the pulse, breathing, temperature, and color. Inform about ALLERGIES, MEDICATION, LAST MEAL and EVENT. You need to ask questions to make some conclusion for the illnesses.
III: BANDAGING, it’s the same thing when you treat a serious bleeding management.
IV: the last one is SLINTING FOR DISLOCATION AND FRACTURES, when there is a broken bone just use what is around you like book or pencil or anything that support the broken bone. You don’t need special things to splint when you have stuff around you.
And now its time for the final exam!!! Well it’s only about the stuff we talked about before and it is open book exam, easier than the open water exam 😛 but still some of us got it so hard to understand the English :) all of us pass the exam and we are officially EFR certified now. Thanks Rob!
We didn’t stop until this step, we needed to get the EFR instructor certified so we can teach anybody who wants to learn about this. EFR doesn’t have age limit anyway. So to make us to be the instructor, Rob gave us all the knowledge review for the EFR instructor. Who finished these knowledge reviews, was allowed to come for diving in Tulamben tomorrow! Of course all of us didn’t want to miss this… so we finished all the knowledge review until late night. Around 7 I guess we all finished the knowledge review. We needed to work hard to get anything right 😉 One thing that night, after we all finish the knowledge review, there was a girl who looks pale and wasnt strong enough to walk to her room. We all thought that Rob sent the girl to pretend about this. We helped her to go to her room and we all knew that she is really sick. We found out that she got dengue fever after that 😛
Taking Break from the classroom, theory, and practice the EFR…. DIVING TIME! We all came to crystal early morning to go to TULAMBEN. This time Jink didn’t come with us because he needed to go to the doctor the other day , so today he needed to do all the things we did yesterday. We will do 2 dives and this time Eri will be the dive guide for today. We dived in the wreck and this is the first time Rob was in there. We entered the wreck with his guide. It was 4 meters long(maybe…) Between the two dives, Rob told us a little about how to teach, his life, and EFR. Nice chatting though and full of information for our teaching practice. That was all for refreshing between the EFR courses.

After all of us finished the knowledge review, this time Rob taught us about how to teach EFR.First he showed us some slide shows about the main point in the EFR and when we teach our students we need to tell them about :
1. The Goal to do these skills
2. The value of these skills
3. The key Point/ critical steps/ how it’s done
4. The video
5. The demonstration
We can find all the answer and the teaching technique in our instructor manual. Rob also told us how to make it as simple as possible. Just let the student do it for you. Let them tell you what to do depend on the book and ask them why we do this. Beside that we need to demonstrate all the skills in front of the class! Some of us done it very well and the others still needed to learn about it again. FINAL EXAM time!!! We needed to finish this for getting the certificate :) 6 of us passed the test and WE ARE OFFICIALLY EFR INSTRUCTOR.. Sounds cool right!