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Junior Coral Reef Conservation!

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As far as the environment is concerned, it is never to early to start! And on this note I was lucky enough to be invited to Sanur Independent School to conduct Project Aware’s Coral Reef Conservation along with 3 of Crystal Divers Internship students Vintty, Nico and Imam.

Junior Coral Reef Conservation!

We had a great afternoon taking over Science class with the grade 4 pupils talking about Reef formation, the various organisms that call the Reef ’home’ as well as the threats that Coral Reefs around the world face and what steps we can take to protect it!

As all of the kids have grown in Bali they have all had the opportunity to snorkel our local reefs and I was amazed by their enthusiasm and passion for protecting the underwater world; in fact I think that we had the longest Science lesson ever fielding questions from very interested students!

Now we are all looking forward to next term when we will be helping grade 4 to organise a beach clean up for the whole school; updates to come on the next blog. . .

Special thanks to Bayu Vangsgaard for helping me to organise this event!

Dive Against Debris 27.09.2011

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A big thank you to all of the 26 volunteers who joined us for Crystal Divers first ever Dive Against Debris!! Crystal Divers staff, interns and divers all gave up their time to help us clean up our house reef here at Sanur.

Together we managed to haul up approximately 86 kilos of Debris, and after all of that hard work all of our volunteers were rewarded with a fulll lunch spread back at Crystal Divers base!

A great day for a great cause – we are all looking forward to next months Dive Against Debris already; watch this space for the latest dates. . . .


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Clean Up the World is a community based environmental campaign that inspires and empowers communities from every corner of the globe to clean up, fix up and conserve their environment.

Now in its 19th year, Clean Up the World, held in conjunction with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), mobilizes an estimated 35 million volunteers from 130 countries annually, making it one of the largest community-based environmental campaigns in the world. The campaign brings together businesses, community groups, schools, governments and individuals in a range of activities and programs that positively improve local environments.
Since the first Clean Up the World campaign in 1993 the improvements achieved due to the efforts of millions of concerned volunteers around the world have been astounding. Examples of community-led Clean Up the World activities include:
Recycling and resource recovery
Tree planting
Education campaigns
Water reuse and conservation
Fix up projects.
You can find more details about Clean Up the World at http://www.cleanuptheworld.orgThose are some information about clean up the world and few days ago we had an email from Australia consulate to participate beach clean up 2011 in Sanur on 17 September 2011. This program was sponsored by Clean Up the World and many affiliations in Bali who care with the environment. Many of participants are from schools, community, and diving centers around Sanur.

On 17 September 2011, we were gathered in front of the Stiff Chili restaurant at Semawang to hear some opening speech from Bali government and consulate. The event were dominated with school students age 10 above and also the teachers. We also as part of Sanur community gave our contribution to this event to keep our beach clean of course 😉

All the interns, Dive Master Trainee (Cecilie, Will and Anthony), and new instructor (Jayson) under Paul Grant supervisor were joined the beach clean up that day. We got plastic bag and one glove to clean the debris in the beach. The beach clean up area covered from Hyatt Hotel Beach until Puri Santrian Beach area. We were in the middle and we decided to go to Puri Santrian way.
We found out not so many participants went to this area. They were going to another side of the beach so it was quit enough for us. We found many plastic debris, slippers, glass bottle and shards of glass. We were walking around the beach for 1 hour and came back to stiff chili to throw away the debris to the garbage truck provided. After the beach clean up, there were also some other programs for the school students such as story telling about the environment, quizzes, and BBQ. It was a beautiful thing to do to start our day. Keep our world clean for a better future!
One more thing about clean up project… We are also making :

Underwater Clean Up “Dive Against Debris”
at Sanur Channel
on 27th September 2011
9 am, meeting point : Crystal Divers, Sanur
We will provide all the dive equipments for all volunteers for this project. If you interested to dive for free with us, you can email to or you can come to Crystal Divers, Sanur, Bali. See you there!


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First diving for adventure diving is Boat diving, we are already familiar with this kind of diving because we usually start our dive from the boat “Putri Emily”. Emil in charge for teaching us this time, he is teaching us about knots. We will need to make
the knot for buoy, jack line, and whatever we need to tie under water and we need to do that also with close eyes in case of emergency.

These are the three knots…
1. Two and half hitches for quick way to attach line to an object
To make this knot, just take both end of the line. Keep one of the line straight and tie the other end in the same direction. If you tie from above, put it twice above and vice versa. We can see the line is correct when we pull one line, the line will move


2. Bow line for tie line directly to an object – its strong, dependable knot that unties easily. We use this to attach a line to safety marker buoyancy.
There a sentence to memorize this knot: go swim under the cave, go down through the coral and swim above the cave… so make a circle with the loose end below… take the end and enter the circle from below and tie the other line from below and enter the circle from above.

3. Sheet bend for tie two lines of different diameter together.
Look the line to attach then tie the other line from below make a circle tie under the two end of the attach line and go above the circle tie.

I, myself, still a little bit confuse about the two half hitches but I need to memorize how to make it. I need to practice more and more to do that so I can do it with close eyes and maybe with gloves under water.

The next day, when we wait for the limo to the beach, Minni come to us and see what we do with matras beach tie 😛 and teaches us how to make knot once again. Hmmmm, apparently it is so easy. Like I wrote above. Just keep the one line and let the other line do anything! Nicely done… Then we all go to Sanur Channel and Emil explains us about the specific name for the boat and like always we do the rollback entry.


First dive we need to do the hovering and Emil made a game for the first dive, anyone who found the crocodile fish (because its only 2 crocodile fish in Sanur) first time get coke from the bar, and Emil pay for it 😛 and ERI is the winner! And hovering time…..Arghhhhh it’s hard for me to hover!!! We also need to hover up side down. Now I’m buddy with Komang and he taught me how to hover and still I think I am not good enough with this thing.. LOL… practice wulan practice ;P

For second dive I can relieved because no hovering again 😛 We stayed in the jack line and waiting the turn to do al the knot. Some of us did that nicely (I put myself in this group :P)and some of us have trouble to do that. But anyway with good practice, I am sure we all can do the entire knot 😉