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Bali… Bali… Bali…

sep 17, 2011   //   by supernova   //   Interns Blog  //  No Comments

New life… words to describe about me now. I was an education consultant from Jakarta who decided to take scholarship program from PADI to become a diving instructor. One chapter of my life begins here…

Like the other 2 blog previously you can see my activity in the classroom. But I can describe my life in Bali is combining between study and vacation. I feel life in Bali so peaceful and everyday is weekend :) Wakes up every morning with the bird sing calmly, no stress with alarm – always use it when in Jakarta; full of spirit; new things to discover; learn about the culture; taste the original Balinese food – its not expensive as I thought before; new place to visit; new friends and of course many story about Balinese.

One of the stories about Balinese woman I came to know when accidentally I went to some small restaurant near the crystal diver.

Ibu Made, she is a woman who gave so many donations to the Bali development. She was born in fisherman family. She was a contractor who built the airport, hotels and


main road in Bali. I really amazed with her story. I saw her picture with one of the government staff’s wife (I forgot who :p). She was retired after several years become a contractor and she bought a house in Sanur. She wanted to retired but since the first time she always work then after 8 months she felt not so good and she started to work again. Now she did anything she wanted to do such as open a small restaurant and warung, sells canang (a bunch of flower for praying in Bali). She also opened some job opportunity for Balinese people because of this. It’s a noble thing to do.

After met Ibu Made, I met one of my friend from UK ( I met him online) and we go to Kuta beach. I meet some of his friends from all over the world- Australia, Holland, and UK. We spend the day in the beach with bottle of Bintang ( Indonesia Beer ). We shared story and from their story I found out that many of them wanted to spend their old (retired) in Bali. Some of them also have Indonesian Boyfriend or Girlfriend. I cant agree more that lifestyle in Bali is really peaceful and comfortable. One thing is disappointed me that day : THE KUTA BEACH FULL OF RUBISH! OMG!! What happen with this beach?? It because the wind blow to the west and all the rubbish end up in west shore of Bali ( KUTA-SEMINYAK-LEGIAN).. We need to take care our environment by a simple thing first – DON’T LITTER! But we got a good laugh from that disaster also. a guy who wanted to have sun bathing lay down in the middle of the rubbish.. Gosh dont you have another place sir :p

Time to study again! We all study from Monday to Saturday, 9am to 5 pm (more or less). We were studying together both theory and practice with assist from Minni and Holly. Step by step should be learnt not only memorize them but the important is understand it! So slowly guys, we can make it!

After the class, we still have time to go some places and I choose Mangrove Forest near Mall Galleria. We – Vintty and me- went to that place by motorbike 😀 arrived there, we pay for the ticket fee ( 10 times more expensive for foreigner) and entered the forest. It’s almost 6 pm when we entered the forest. They made a wood bridge so the tourist can easily explore the forest. It is nice place but like the Kuta beach case, I’m so disappointed because so many rubbish in the forest ;(

What I can say from this journey, we need to pay attention more to our environment. God gave us beautiful country –land and sea- and all we need to do are protect and conserve them . Many foreigners like to stay in Indonesia especially Bali because the culture and beautiful places, why don’t we as Indonesian also act the same or more as they did to our country? It is not hard to do right ^^