Wulan’s 100 dives

sep 23, 2011   //   by supernova   //   Interns Blog

April… May… June… July… August… September…

6 months already I has been joined the Diving Internship program with Crystal Diver. I, as one of the new diver among the other interns, did my first dive with Crystal Divers. Still remember how nervous and hard to equalize when I did my first dive in Bali. I learnt more and more how to be a good and responsible diver since then.

I got more knowledge and information with stepping up into the higher level of PADI education. Start with the open water until now I started my Dive Master Course. Every dive has their own memory to me, even not all of them are good. These experiences, bad or good, will make my journey become colorful. I learnt from the bad experience and tried to avoid it to happen again in the future. Good experiences were a starting point to be better than before.

I also got so many new friends from diving. Our instructor already became part of our diving and they always support me and my friends. The DM trainee and new Instructors became good friend of us. Some guests are still being an ordinary guest but some of them became a friend. We shared our moment together and blended into one family. I can say “PADI family” which brought us into one, no matter where we from, how old we are…

Today, 20 September 2011, is my 100 dives – even i didn’t do the naked dive :p and beyond of the plan before – allow me to thank everyone who involve with every dives I ever did. My intern’s friend, my Course Director, All of my Instructors, All PADI staff, All of my friends from Crystal Divers, and all of guests in Crystal Divers… Thank you for taking part of it!



It’s not the end of my diving journey! I’m still looking forward to other dives and new experiences with all the divers! Keep diving and be a responsible diver when ever you dive ^^