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Clean Up the World is a community based environmental campaign that inspires and empowers communities from every corner of the globe to clean up, fix up and conserve their environment.

Now in its 19th year, Clean Up the World, held in conjunction with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), mobilizes an estimated 35 million volunteers from 130 countries annually, making it one of the largest community-based environmental campaigns in the world. The campaign brings together businesses, community groups, schools, governments and individuals in a range of activities and programs that positively improve local environments.
Since the first Clean Up the World campaign in 1993 the improvements achieved due to the efforts of millions of concerned volunteers around the world have been astounding. Examples of community-led Clean Up the World activities include:
Recycling and resource recovery
Tree planting
Education campaigns
Water reuse and conservation
Fix up projects.
You can find more details about Clean Up the World at http://www.cleanuptheworld.orgThose are some information about clean up the world and few days ago we had an email from Australia consulate to participate beach clean up 2011 in Sanur on 17 September 2011. This program was sponsored by Clean Up the World and many affiliations in Bali who care with the environment. Many of participants are from schools, community, and diving centers around Sanur.

On 17 September 2011, we were gathered in front of the Stiff Chili restaurant at Semawang to hear some opening speech from Bali government and consulate. The event were dominated with school students age 10 above and also the teachers. We also as part of Sanur community gave our contribution to this event to keep our beach clean of course 😉

All the interns, Dive Master Trainee (Cecilie, Will and Anthony), and new instructor (Jayson) under Paul Grant supervisor were joined the beach clean up that day. We got plastic bag and one glove to clean the debris in the beach. The beach clean up area covered from Hyatt Hotel Beach until Puri Santrian Beach area. We were in the middle and we decided to go to Puri Santrian way.
We found out not so many participants went to this area. They were going to another side of the beach so it was quit enough for us. We found many plastic debris, slippers, glass bottle and shards of glass. We were walking around the beach for 1 hour and came back to stiff chili to throw away the debris to the garbage truck provided. After the beach clean up, there were also some other programs for the school students such as story telling about the environment, quizzes, and BBQ. It was a beautiful thing to do to start our day. Keep our world clean for a better future!
One more thing about clean up project… We are also making :

Underwater Clean Up “Dive Against Debris”
at Sanur Channel
on 27th September 2011
9 am, meeting point : Crystal Divers, Sanur
We will provide all the dive equipments for all volunteers for this project. If you interested to dive for free with us, you can email to or you can come to Crystal Divers, Sanur, Bali. See you there!


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It’s been a while since I wrote my last blog. Lots of things have been happened during these pass few months. We’ve been diving with a lot of different instructors for few weeks. Paul changed the schedule for each of us to follow one instructor/ dive master every week but we need to be flexible on the diving trip. If there is no spot available anymore, we need to stay in the office and help the office about selling the diving trips and diving stuffs. We learnt many more things such as how to manage the booking, how to give briefing, how to guide, doing a little part of tune up, OWC, become the victim for the rescue diver. Well all the stuffs that we need to know when we become the instructor 😉
Let’s move forward to the next level… RESCUE DIVER! After some specialties finished and now the time for rescue book. Like always we needed to read and understood about this course. Rescue are about managing the situation before it’s become worse and dealing with it if the accident happened during the dive. Like we learnt before in EFR, we also used term of “Stop, Think and Act”. And the same thing, our safety comes first. In rescue we learnt about diving accident and overcame the situation, what we should do and the best way to take care of the situation.
Each chapter gave use more information about dealing with every diving accident. They gave us a lot of time to read, answered the quizzes and of course the knowledge reviews. After several weeks, now we all sit together in the class to talk about the quizzes and knowledge review. One day was not enough for doing the rescue course so that we split into 4 days. And you know what, they all were right. This course was the most fun course that I ever had.
The first day was all about theory.. Quizzes and knowledge reviews… we did that from 9am until 3pm from the first chapter until the fourth chapter. Our brains were overloaded so the last chapter, exam, and the pool session will be done on the next day. Holly explained all things which we didn’t understand before patiently.
The second day we did the last chapter only for 1 hour and time to do the FINAL EXAM! Some of us passed the test easily but 3 others needed to do the make up test but at the end all of us passed the test with good score. Finish about rescue diver theory, we did the pool session with Holly and Cecilie as her assistant. We did 7 skills in the pool that day.
Holly told us to do a towing a tired diver race using whatever towing which is the fastest way for warming up. Two technique to approach panic diver on the surface, and I found underwater approaching was easier than other one like Holly said the last thing the panic diver want is going under the water 😉 quick reverse was the next skill, we need to know this skill to protect us from the panic diver who chases and want to go above us. Distress diver under water- out of air, as a rescue diver we need to identify the diver who distress because they out of air and we need to give the octopus and of course take them to the surface, inflate the BCD orally. Surfacing unresponsive diver to the surface also have own technique, keep the regulator in the place (inside or outside mouth), and take the diver with the safe rate ascent.
Handling unresponsive diver on the surface is the longest skill for today because we need to keep the rhythm for giving rescue breath until we reach the boat and do the CPR. Safe the best for the last is a good word for this skill. For the last skill we need to do the exit from the water technique, we can use many techniques for this skill, it all depend on the circumstances and the size of the victim. We were carried each other to go out from the pool and that was an awesome day… It was a nice day to spend my birthday though!
The third day we did all the skills in open water with 2 more skills that we didn’t do in the pool. This time holly was assisted by Tony the new dive master trainee in Crystal. All the skills are the same with skills in the pool beside search pattern and throw a buoy. We practiced 2 search patterns that day, U pattern and expanding square. Throw a buoy also the other skill we needed to do that day. A little scenario at the end of the skill, Tony pretended to be unresponsive diver on the surface and we need to help him.
Last day of Rescue diver course and there were a scenario diving. Holly MacLeod as scenario director prepared the rescue scene for 7 of us. The victims for that day or I can say the brilliant actors were our lovely DMT Cecilie West, Mari Sasaki, Will Cooper, and Anthony Karasiewicz. This was the scenario for us, all we need to do is help and handle the situation for rescuing all of them. It was begun with seasick Cecilie, heat exhaustion Mari and tank drop injured Tony.
Time to dive!!! Some more accidents were happened under the water. Our diving was more interesting than other dive with panic Tony, Out of Air Will, and Tired Mari. Our dive was ended with two missing divers my buddy and our dive guide for that dive. We were planned the searching for the missing divers after took Mari to the boat and calmed Will down with his panic attack. We used the circle pattern for Tony and U pattern for Cecilie, with the SMB for marking where were we so we could contact each other with the snorkeler and another buddy.
Tony was found easily but Cecilie needed more time to be found. It was not end of the scenario, the missing diver turn to be responsive again on the surface and turn out we got another unresponsive diver on the surface Will and Mari. We needed to give rescue breath, towed to the boat and took the to the boat. Took Mari into the boat was much easier than took Will but we did it!
No no no still not finish yet because Cecilie jumped out of the boat follow with Will, Tony and Mari. They all were got panic and we needed to jump to safe them. Last thing Cecilie was injured by the jellyfish and Jink offered to pee on her hand because no vinegar available that time :p Now it was finish for rescue course, really really finished after some delay. WE ARE OFFICIALLY RESCUE DIVER now ^^

EFR part 2

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Earlier in this blog,I was writing a little about primary care.check EFR part 1
The next day, we started the lesson a bit late because Rob needed to examine the IDC, the main reason he is here, first before taught us. And we continue to watch the video and practice the skill such as:
– CPR & Chest Compression
– Conscious/ Unconscious Chocking
– Serious Bleeding Management
– Shock Management, and
– Spinal Injury Management
Then the primary care skill was done! Rob took us to the beach to “visit” the IDC and congratulate them as well. All IDC passed the final test and they are officially INSTRUCTOR! Congratulations to MATT, EMIL, MARIE, RACHEL, EDI, CHLOE. Tonight there was a party for the new Instructor but we needed to continue the lesson first….What did we do after short refreshing?? The answer is FINAL EXAM… But its not scary, because it was open book.

The next thing Rob taught us, is about Oxygen and AED. These are only recommended primary skills but we also need to know about it also. For oxygen there were 2 ways to use it, free flow oxygen for unconscious and not free flow for conscious victim. The free flow we needed to set to be 15 liter per minute and the not free flow we just breathe in from the mask. The AED machine was really easy to use, just press on, put the pad to the place, wait until the thunder button turn on and press it. Then you will be told to check the breath and the sign of the patient. We did the oxygen and the AED when there was no electricity on Crystal Diver, it’s all dark *LOL* but we still enjoy it very much!

Beside primary care, there is second care for the victim. After we treat the ABCD’S, we were able to do the secondary assessment. We did this assessment when we knew that there is no life threat for the victim. There is 4 secondary cares:
I: INJURY ASSESSMENT: We need to check from head to toe and make sure that the victim is ok.
II: ILLNESS ASSESSMENT, use SAMPLE method to assess this. SIGN AND SYMPTOMS by asking the victim, checking the pulse, breathing, temperature, and color. Inform about ALLERGIES, MEDICATION, LAST MEAL and EVENT. You need to ask questions to make some conclusion for the illnesses.
III: BANDAGING, it’s the same thing when you treat a serious bleeding management.
IV: the last one is SLINTING FOR DISLOCATION AND FRACTURES, when there is a broken bone just use what is around you like book or pencil or anything that support the broken bone. You don’t need special things to splint when you have stuff around you.
And now its time for the final exam!!! Well it’s only about the stuff we talked about before and it is open book exam, easier than the open water exam 😛 but still some of us got it so hard to understand the English :) all of us pass the exam and we are officially EFR certified now. Thanks Rob!
We didn’t stop until this step, we needed to get the EFR instructor certified so we can teach anybody who wants to learn about this. EFR doesn’t have age limit anyway. So to make us to be the instructor, Rob gave us all the knowledge review for the EFR instructor. Who finished these knowledge reviews, was allowed to come for diving in Tulamben tomorrow! Of course all of us didn’t want to miss this… so we finished all the knowledge review until late night. Around 7 I guess we all finished the knowledge review. We needed to work hard to get anything right 😉 One thing that night, after we all finish the knowledge review, there was a girl who looks pale and wasnt strong enough to walk to her room. We all thought that Rob sent the girl to pretend about this. We helped her to go to her room and we all knew that she is really sick. We found out that she got dengue fever after that 😛
Taking Break from the classroom, theory, and practice the EFR…. DIVING TIME! We all came to crystal early morning to go to TULAMBEN. This time Jink didn’t come with us because he needed to go to the doctor the other day , so today he needed to do all the things we did yesterday. We will do 2 dives and this time Eri will be the dive guide for today. We dived in the wreck and this is the first time Rob was in there. We entered the wreck with his guide. It was 4 meters long(maybe…) Between the two dives, Rob told us a little about how to teach, his life, and EFR. Nice chatting though and full of information for our teaching practice. That was all for refreshing between the EFR courses.

After all of us finished the knowledge review, this time Rob taught us about how to teach EFR.First he showed us some slide shows about the main point in the EFR and when we teach our students we need to tell them about :
1. The Goal to do these skills
2. The value of these skills
3. The key Point/ critical steps/ how it’s done
4. The video
5. The demonstration
We can find all the answer and the teaching technique in our instructor manual. Rob also told us how to make it as simple as possible. Just let the student do it for you. Let them tell you what to do depend on the book and ask them why we do this. Beside that we need to demonstrate all the skills in front of the class! Some of us done it very well and the others still needed to learn about it again. FINAL EXAM time!!! We needed to finish this for getting the certificate :) 6 of us passed the test and WE ARE OFFICIALLY EFR INSTRUCTOR.. Sounds cool right!

EFR part 1

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Some divers took this course because it’s a must when they want to continue to the next step (been told like that by someone :p ). Some of them feel that this course is boring but I feel it’s excited and easy to practice in reality. Well thanks to Robert Scammell our EFR instructor. He made this course fun and easy…
After finish the Advance dive now we need to study about EFR to continue our study.. This course is not only about diving hmmm… actually its about how to help people in need, how you fight with your fear to help people, not only in diving industry but also in your family, in your neighborhood and in your life. That’s why they have different website from PADI because this is another program from diving.. You can read more info
1 week before we start our course with Rob, Minni gave us the manual to read and answer all the knowledge review so when our instructor come we already know a little bit about this course. So we read page by page and answer the knowledge review for “Primary and Secondary Care” and “ Care for Children”. Minni already gave us the schedule for the EFR course because our instructor is not in Indonesia, He is from Thailand ( well he is from UK but stay in Thailand) and he will be one of the examiners to the IDC and he extended to stay in Bali to teach us about EFR and also diving with us. Holly said that Rob is funny and really good to this course- well and you were right Holly 😉
First day he showed us the video for introduction and we need to practice all the skills from the video, we already have the manual so more or less we already know about the skill but we need to practice it so it’s easier to remember than only the theory.
STOP THINK and ACT this is what should we always remember for the first time and follow by the ABCD’S… we need to ASSES THE SCENE, is it safe or no for us. Yeah it is right, if you can’t safe your self first, you will not able to safe someone else. Like you heard many times in the flight maybe, you need to use your own mask before you put into your children.
ALERT EMS and APPLY BARRIER, he taught us how to use the gloves and how to open it, and he showed us how to put ventilation barrier in Mr. Mannequin, and surely none of us will bring the barriers in our daily life so when something happen just use what ever that can be a barriers such as cloth, plastic bag, paper , etc, etc ; don’t make this become an excuse to help someone; and how to check the BREATHING, first open the airways and check it by LOOK to the chest movement, LISTEN for the breath sound , and FEEL it in your ears.
He also gave us the EFR kit ( the barriers) and asked us to practice it together. After that he make some scene and this time Hairi become the victim, the scene is he got electricity shock and I need to do the skill.. He taught us the simple way to do that because sometimes in the book a lil bit more complicated like “hello, my name is Wulan, I am an emergency responder, May I help you?” so Rob told us just say simple statement like “can I help you?” because in Indonesia many person doesn’t know about what is emergency responder so just make it as simple as possible so any body can understand that ( well if you in abroad/ helping foreigner of course you need to do this statement so you are protect by the law in that area). After that Rob divided us into 2 groups, 1 group to the parking lot and the other with Kat went to swimming pool and we need to practice what we have taught about before.


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We have one day off after the gangster party in Crystal divers. That night was really wonderful with the costume and the people. Minni decided to give us one day holiday because the next day there will be no instructor also so it’s ok to be relaxed for a while. But I asked Minni can I dive on that off day? And she said yes, but like always there is rule for diving… No alcohol at least 8 hours before diving… wonderful! There was still enough time to do that and MANTA POINT here I come!

The next day we gathered in Crystal to go to Manta Point. There were Asmui as our instructor, Matt, Mike, Michelle, 2 others guest for snorkeling and of course me 😉 We used “Nagisa” to go there and we will be there within 1,5 hours. There are big waves to Manta Point and the little boy ( the snorkeling boy) can’t handle it and he seems to have sea sick along the way.. .

We will do 3 dives that time and first stop is Manta Point. We still need to look the manta before we go under the water because it’s a big area and if we false to jump, we will not see the manta. So after couple minutes we were ready to jump and search for the Manta. Matt – my buddy – surprise when I told him that I used 6 kilo for the weight belt and he said just try 5 kilo and I will carry the other 1 kilo for safety. Ok I was trying to use 5 kilo again and hope the last accident would not be happened again (see Adventure Diving) and it didn’t! We search for the manta under the water now, waited for a couple minutes and the manta come out.. Wow, there they are… Fly under the water elegantly. Only 4 mantas that time but its enough for me and it was the first time I saw big MANTA! They fly under me, beside me, and above me… It was really cool!

We need to stay in the surface before do the second dive ( to eliminate the nitrogen in our body) and this time the boy will spend the time in the island there because he didn’t get any better in the boat. The next stop is Toya Pakeh and we will do the drift dive, in this place the current is unpredictable so we need to watch the current and be careful of the down current. Time to get into the water… yes it was drift dive… You just need to keep your neutral buoyancy and the water will take you around. Matt always warns me to see the current, where will the current go because like I said before its unpredictable in this area. Well honestly I still love to see the manta more than this but this was pretty cool also. On safety stop I feel kind of hard to keep my buoyancy and then Matt gave me 2 more kilos for keeping my buoyancy.

Lunch time and the boy already got better after they spend time on the island. We took our lunch on boat while making surface interval for the second time. This time we went to Mangrove/ Jack Point and drift dive again but this time is better than the last one because this is one way drift. The boat will pick us up at blue corner. We let the snorkels go into the water first and enjoy the sea then we go to other side and start the drift dive. We need to maintain buddy contact and if we separated from the group we need to look for 1 minute and ascent. We saw colorful coral on the drift way, fishes and long banded sea snake. At the end of our journey, we saw spotted eagle ray, napoleon fish and TURTLE! I really enjoy the great dive that day!


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It was starting with the conversation in the toilet, when Minni asked me which chapter I am now. That time I already finish the chapter of adventure dive ( which they told us to read n answer) so I said that to Minni but the others still haven’t yet. After that she took me to the schedule board and let me choose which one I can go with. The choice is between Tulamben (with Om Toto) or Padang Bai (with Taka). I choose Padang Bai since I’ve been to Tulamben before. Minni said that I need to be here on 7am. There will be 1 guest + taka, and of course with me now

The next day, I went to crystal to go to Padang bai with Taka and Mari (the open water student that time). It took about 1 hour and 15 minutes to reach Padang Bai. In there we set the equipment and ready to go to the dive spot with the boat. It’s a small boat so we need to wear the equipment in the surface.

First dive is in Jepun, we saw pinky frog fish (well its pink! So I call it pinky :p).There is a small wreck in there and an artificial coral. We saw also mantis shrimp, many blue spotted stingrays, cowfish, moray, lionfish, napoleon ( humphead wrasse) and titan triggerfish. Mari is a good diver also even she is still in the open water, she has good buoyancy

After rest for 1 hour, we do the second dive in the Blue Lagoon, I saw more fish in this area, on the wall and there are more fish to see, little fish and little creatures such as pink squad robusta, ribbon eel juvenile, black blotched porcupine fish, Map puffer, Spotted Garden eel, Nudibranches – Jim black, rockmover wrasse, anemone fish : false clown, pink, gobby – fire dartfish and twotone dartfish. Looks like I found so many new stuff in here right? But we didn’t meet any shark that time, I heard that Padang Bai is good place for finding the shark. Its ok better luck next time!

Diving was finished… Time for lunch and go back to crystal. Yes its true when it said diving makes we meet many people. I met Mari and make friend with her. She is nice girl and always smiles even though we can’t communicate fluently but we still learn how to understand each other. She is in Japan now and she will come back to Bali next month for her Dive master I guess. Good luck for that Mari and see you soon!

TULAMBEN – Deep & Wreck Dive

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Many of divers already know the famous wreck in Tulamben and now it’s our turn to go there….

Early morning we already ready to go to Tulamben to do Wreck dive and Deep dive with our instructor, Paul and his assistant Tom. We need to drive for 2,5 hours to Tulamben but it’s really worth it for a nice and amazing place like Tulamben!
The first dive was about Deep Dive -the water was so nice that day, No wave and the visibility was 30m -we will do this dive in Coral Garden to check our Narcosis in 30 meters depth. Paul asked us to do some task under the water, he asked us to touch the number in the slate and touch our nose after we got each number. Beside that he took empty aqua bottle and show us it squeeze under the water. On the surface he asked us to do the same thing while under the water so we will know how much time and how big the difference between the surface and under the water. Along the way we saw many new fishes (well maybe its only for me again :p) such as ornate ghost pipefish ( 3 at once!), blue spotted stingray, napoleon wrase, black ribbon eel, clarck’s anemone fish, short nose pipefish, emperor juvenile angel fish, morish idol, surgeon fish(black spine), bignose unicorn fish and many else! Thanks to Paul who asked us to find the name after the dive so I still can write it in here ^^

“This is American cargo ship in second world war II in 1942. Torpedo by Japanese submarine, in south west of Lombok. In that time the ship leaking and too much water come to the ship. In 1942, the ship comes to the shore in tulamben, at that time everybody can see the ship from the beach. 1963, the biggest mountain eruption ( Agung mountain) and push the ship to the deep water. From the shore to the ship just 30 meters out and from the surface only 4-5 meter deep. The long of the ship wreck is 120meter long and they had 2 torpedos, the first torpedo is shallow point in the stern around 16 meter deep and the second torpedo in the bow around 25 or 26 meter deep. And also the ship has big room and you can come inside. You can see small steering wheel in engine room. You will be enjoyed diving in liberty ship wreck because so many fish, nice coral and also you can see schooling of jackfish. The maximum depth of the wreck is 30 meter. “ That was a story about USST Liberty Wreck in Tulamben, Eri – one of us is from Tulamben and he already familiar with the spot for long time. ( Well I make him tell me once more when I wrote the blog :p)

So after listened to his story we are ready for the second dive! WRECK dive…. When I saw the wreck for the first time there I was amaze, shock, happy and excited. That was really incredible feeling to see such a beautiful things and creature around the wreck. We saw school of Jackfish above the wreck. They swim together and make like a tornado shape, I really can’t describe my feeling that time – my eyes can tell how happy I was! Around the wreck we also found many fishes. We took a couple shoot of under water that time so maybe I will not say anything anymore just enjoy the picture!


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Maybe I’m outdated about this stuff but I want to share again in my blog… it’s about money changer in Bali.
My friend asked me to change USD to IDR one time then I went to the nearest money changer in the Legian road. First I met with the lady who said the change rate is 8200 then she called the guy who work for the money changer and the guy if I exchange 120usd he will give me 8600IDR for the rate. So I change 120 USD. He counted the money first then gave it to me for count it again and he knock it on the table (to make it as one). I received the money and go back to hotel when I count it, it’s not the real amount that I should get. I count again and again, and yes it is minus 300k IDR. Omg omg!! I really count it right before then I went back to the money changer to ask the 300k. When I arrive in the money changer, he said I already count it and yes I count it but its only 700k then I take all my money out to proof it that I didn’t lie. He said that just change it to another money changer and he gave my USD back.
I walk about 1 meter from that money changer and go to another money changer in that road. Then I said to the second guy where I wanted to change 100USD and he said the change rate is 9299 for 100 Bank notes. Ok then he start to give me 20k IDR bank note… gosh I asked him : “ don’t u have 50k bank note?”, and he said he didn’t have it. So after he counted all the money, I counted again. Then he fixed the money again and this time I counted again. When I counted again, I lost 200k again. Then I gave it back to him again, when he count it’s the real number. I will be careful, I didn’t want to do the same mistake like before so I counted again and yes, indeed I lost 200k again. Every time he took the money again, I lost 200k but when he counts it, it’s the real amount. Finally after 4 or 5 times counting, he said I better take another money changer. Then I said ok, he gave my USD back and I came back to hotel. Inside the room I also realize that I lost 10usd!!!! GODDDDDD… what’s wrong with Bali!!! That time my friend said that he already know about this and I said why he didn’t tell me before???? He thought that I already know about this, but its ok, it’s a lesson for you. I really pissed off with those money changer… Will never ever go to that place again! Finally we go to the big money changer to change the money…
Lesson from this experience: don’t be rush (like me!!) and be careful with the small money changer in the road side who gave high rate. They all are snake, they smile and they will eat your money. Just go to big and decent money changer or bank even it will be a little less but better than they eat your money! My Balinese friend advice me, if you caught this thing in the future just go back to the money changer and said that you will report to the police about this matter. I’m sure they will give your money or take back their money again. Keep safe and enjoy your holiday in Bali!


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First diving for adventure diving is Boat diving, we are already familiar with this kind of diving because we usually start our dive from the boat “Putri Emily”. Emil in charge for teaching us this time, he is teaching us about knots. We will need to make
the knot for buoy, jack line, and whatever we need to tie under water and we need to do that also with close eyes in case of emergency.

These are the three knots…
1. Two and half hitches for quick way to attach line to an object
To make this knot, just take both end of the line. Keep one of the line straight and tie the other end in the same direction. If you tie from above, put it twice above and vice versa. We can see the line is correct when we pull one line, the line will move


2. Bow line for tie line directly to an object – its strong, dependable knot that unties easily. We use this to attach a line to safety marker buoyancy.
There a sentence to memorize this knot: go swim under the cave, go down through the coral and swim above the cave… so make a circle with the loose end below… take the end and enter the circle from below and tie the other line from below and enter the circle from above.

3. Sheet bend for tie two lines of different diameter together.
Look the line to attach then tie the other line from below make a circle tie under the two end of the attach line and go above the circle tie.

I, myself, still a little bit confuse about the two half hitches but I need to memorize how to make it. I need to practice more and more to do that so I can do it with close eyes and maybe with gloves under water.

The next day, when we wait for the limo to the beach, Minni come to us and see what we do with matras beach tie 😛 and teaches us how to make knot once again. Hmmmm, apparently it is so easy. Like I wrote above. Just keep the one line and let the other line do anything! Nicely done… Then we all go to Sanur Channel and Emil explains us about the specific name for the boat and like always we do the rollback entry.


First dive we need to do the hovering and Emil made a game for the first dive, anyone who found the crocodile fish (because its only 2 crocodile fish in Sanur) first time get coke from the bar, and Emil pay for it 😛 and ERI is the winner! And hovering time…..Arghhhhh it’s hard for me to hover!!! We also need to hover up side down. Now I’m buddy with Komang and he taught me how to hover and still I think I am not good enough with this thing.. LOL… practice wulan practice ;P

For second dive I can relieved because no hovering again 😛 We stayed in the jack line and waiting the turn to do al the knot. Some of us did that nicely (I put myself in this group :P)and some of us have trouble to do that. But anyway with good practice, I am sure we all can do the entire knot 😉


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After finish our Open Water final exam with great score ( of course because we study for 1 month – usually they only study for 3 days :p), we are now officially become Open Water Certified Diver! Yeay! Maybe the rest already had it before but since this is the first time with me, I am really feels good to accept that. The card will be sent to me within 6 weeks!!

For the next step, we will study about adventure in diving (intro for advance diving) this time we will study a lot more about specialty in diving such as :
1. Altitude diving
2. AWARE Fish Identification
3. Boat Diving
4. Deep Diving
5. Diver Propulsion Vehicle
6. Drift Diving
7. Dry Suit Diving
8. Multilevel and Computer Diving
9. Night Diving
10. Peak Performance Buoyancy
11. Search and Recovery
12. Underwater naturalist
13. Underwater Navigator
14. Underwater Photography
15. Underwater Videography
16. Wreck Diving
We need to study about all this specialty but not all the diving above can be practiced in Bali because we didn’t have the tools or the place nearby.. Else open the adventure diving briefly, she showed the video and told us about things about all specialty and I am so exciting about these kind of dives! And like Minni said just understand it slowly because you have plenty of time!
Oh well in the middle of our reading, I and Nico got the chance to dive in Sanur with the open water training guest. We got it because we already finish to read the chapter! Cool 😉 like always we packed our stuff and go to Sanur channel. In there we dive with Om Toto, Mike (the dive master), and Eric (the student). Five of us dive together and Eric needs to do the skills on the surface and underwater. He did it smoothly… Om Toto also showed us some magic under water such as he take out a stick from his mouth and he put a sand to his mouth and suddenly its changed into big rock.. It was Great!
There was something bad on the second dive.. My fin slip out from my boots and straightly I ascent to the surface, luckily no boat on the channel and Nico come with me 😛 When we want to descent again, I cant sink at all.. OMG OMG.. I really need to get the usual weight! ( I take out 1 kilo because in first dive I feel ok) so we back to the boat while Om Toto still dive with the guest.. sorry Om!! Make you worry but promise will never happened again.. I talked with Eric after the dive, he is from Holland and first time come to Bali and first time to dive also. And for sure he will come back to Bali again :p anyway enjoy your time in Bali Eric!