EFR part 1

sep 19, 2011   //   by supernova   //   Interns Blog
Some divers took this course because it’s a must when they want to continue to the next step (been told like that by someone :p ). Some of them feel that this course is boring but I feel it’s excited and easy to practice in reality. Well thanks to Robert Scammell our EFR instructor. He made this course fun and easy…
After finish the Advance dive now we need to study about EFR to continue our study.. This course is not only about diving hmmm… actually its about how to help people in need, how you fight with your fear to help people, not only in diving industry but also in your family, in your neighborhood and in your life. That’s why they have different website from PADI because this is another program from diving.. You can read more info inwww.emergencyfirstresponse.com
1 week before we start our course with Rob, Minni gave us the manual to read and answer all the knowledge review so when our instructor come we already know a little bit about this course. So we read page by page and answer the knowledge review for “Primary and Secondary Care” and “ Care for Children”. Minni already gave us the schedule for the EFR course because our instructor is not in Indonesia, He is from Thailand ( well he is from UK but stay in Thailand) and he will be one of the examiners to the IDC and he extended to stay in Bali to teach us about EFR and also diving with us. Holly said that Rob is funny and really good to this course- well and you were right Holly 😉
First day he showed us the video for introduction and we need to practice all the skills from the video, we already have the manual so more or less we already know about the skill but we need to practice it so it’s easier to remember than only the theory.
STOP THINK and ACT this is what should we always remember for the first time and follow by the ABCD’S… we need to ASSES THE SCENE, is it safe or no for us. Yeah it is right, if you can’t safe your self first, you will not able to safe someone else. Like you heard many times in the flight maybe, you need to use your own mask before you put into your children.
ALERT EMS and APPLY BARRIER, he taught us how to use the gloves and how to open it, and he showed us how to put ventilation barrier in Mr. Mannequin, and surely none of us will bring the barriers in our daily life so when something happen just use what ever that can be a barriers such as cloth, plastic bag, paper , etc, etc ; don’t make this become an excuse to help someone; and how to check the BREATHING, first open the airways and check it by LOOK to the chest movement, LISTEN for the breath sound , and FEEL it in your ears.
He also gave us the EFR kit ( the barriers) and asked us to practice it together. After that he make some scene and this time Hairi become the victim, the scene is he got electricity shock and I need to do the skill.. He taught us the simple way to do that because sometimes in the book a lil bit more complicated like “hello, my name is Wulan, I am an emergency responder, May I help you?” so Rob told us just say simple statement like “can I help you?” because in Indonesia many person doesn’t know about what is emergency responder so just make it as simple as possible so any body can understand that ( well if you in abroad/ helping foreigner of course you need to do this statement so you are protect by the law in that area). After that Rob divided us into 2 groups, 1 group to the parking lot and the other with Kat went to swimming pool and we need to practice what we have taught about before.