IDC August 2013 ~ Opening Day

aug 14, 2013   //   by supernova   //   Blog

Here we are at Crystal Divers and time to do another IDC. This time we have : Sabrina and Astrid from Germany, Julie and Stefano from USA, Josephine from Hong Kong, and Kiyoshi from Japan. In staff instructor side will be Rakhmat from Indonesia and Indo from Australia.  Mari, Greg, Robin and Wulan will be on and off for staffing.  Of course under our Course Director Minni and Taka.

It will take 16 days and 3 days for IE. They will develop their knowledge, skills, and attitude during these days and of course afterward.  These 3 elements work together but the most important is attitude, with a good attitude you will be a good instructor for your students and your surroundings.

The course starts with orientation, this time you need to introduce yourself, where do you come from and why you want to become an instructor. Minni and Taka gave presentations for the IDC candidate as well as assignment during the presentations. Greg explained us about learning, instruction and PADI system nicely and finally we learn to make Knowledge development. The IDC candidate got their very first assignment for the Knowledge Development Presentation. Let’s the fun begin!