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IDC August 2013 ~ Opening Day

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Here we are at Crystal Divers and time to do another IDC. This time we have : Sabrina and Astrid from Germany, Julie and Stefano from USA, Josephine from Hong Kong, and Kiyoshi from Japan. In staff instructor side will be Rakhmat from Indonesia and Indo from Australia.  Mari, Greg, Robin and Wulan will be on and off for staffing.  Of course under our Course Director Minni and Taka.

It will take 16 days and 3 days for IE. They will develop their knowledge, skills, and attitude during these days and of course afterward.  These 3 elements work together but the most important is attitude, with a good attitude you will be a good instructor for your students and your surroundings.

The course starts with orientation, this time you need to introduce yourself, where do you come from and why you want to become an instructor. Minni and Taka gave presentations for the IDC candidate as well as assignment during the presentations. Greg explained us about learning, instruction and PADI system nicely and finally we learn to make Knowledge development. The IDC candidate got their very first assignment for the Knowledge Development Presentation. Let’s the fun begin!


Instructor Development Course

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IDC… Instructor Development Courses! Finally after 1 year we have been studying in here, we made it to the critical stage. We have been studying for 16 days to fulfill the entire requirement. We were studying about theory (5 theories we learnt in Dive Master) and PADI standards, Class Presentation, Pool Presentation, and Open water Presentation. Other than that we also listened to some presentation about Marketing, Rush Hour, Business in Diving, etc. We sit on the classroom for few days with also pool and open water session but mainly we spent the time in the class and pool.

It was fun and tired course actually but it all paid with our good score during the course. Minni, Holly, Taka, Giovanni (as Staff Instructor Candidate), Else, and Paul presented and helped us through this course. We already know a little bit about the IDC because we have been here for 1 year and we saw many IDC before our own IDC but still it’s different from sit backside to front seat. Some of us joined two times IDC so they know and more confident to make some presentation and the theory as well.


Our progress was really good. All the mark was more than passing score. Maybe one or two mistake on the pool presentation because of breaking standard but it’s a learning process. We knew what the mistakes were and we learnt to avoid that in the future. Thanks to the entire instructor who patiently taught us to be better instructor. This course is

different from other courses, we need to stand in front of the class to talk about mistake question, selling some con-ed and dive equipments. We need to identify the mistake on the pool or open water that usually new students have it.

One more step to be a diving instructor and all of us would achieve a good score and wouldn’t let down the entire person who already spent many time to teach, trust, and support us all. Three days of IE started on 2nd of April and like Minni said not good luck because we all have the knowledge already.

Shark Conservation

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Crystal Divers had a massive push to support  Project Aware in Shark Conservation petition; in total we collected over 1000 signatures! An enormous thankyou to all of our staff, interns, divemaster trainees and IDC candidates for making a huge effort to help Project Aware to protect our Sharks, but our efforts do not end there! Please follow the link to to see how you can help to have more Shark species protected, or come and join us at Crystal and sign our petition!