The Whole New Life

sep 17, 2011   //   by supernova   //   Interns Blog

Today is the whole new life for me. I got scholarship to be a diving instructor from PADI. A scholarship I applied for this scholarship 2 months ago when I saw my facebook friends status about a diving scholarship for Indonesians. 8 Indonesians will be chosen to get the scholarship. All the facilities are provided. We just need to buy the airplane ticket to go to bali.
Wow when I saw this thing I straightly asked my friend about it. This is an opportunity – once in a lifetime I can say because my age is the maximum age for the scholarship – so I decide to apply it.
I needed to send my CV several times. First to my friend in facebook ( well he doubt about me that time i guess :p) then he asked me to send it to the director of the program in facebook then Minni Vangsgaard ,the director, asked me to send it officially to her office email. After 1 month I got an email from the PADI regional manager for Indonesia, Mr. Abbi Carnegie. He asked me to do the interview. The next day we did the interview by phone, well we talked about 30 minutes about what make me apply for this, what will make sure that i am eligible for this scholarship? What is my goal? And of course we talked in Bahasa and English – since the requirement needed basic English.
One month of after that I got the good news that I got accepted to this program and I needed to be here on 4th of April to attend the opening ceremony of this scholarship.


I really never think about this. I do hope a lot for this but this is the greatest news – second one :p the first one is I got the love of my life this year – so here I am in Bali.
The first day I don’t know what to do to. They just gave me some instruction to be in Crystal divers center at 2pm and we will have a little opening ceremony. I got the early morning flight 6am with Batavia from Jakarta and arrived in Bali at 8.35am. I borrowed “karimun” since it will only be me me and nobody else, so I decided to rent a small car, of course its also cheaper than avanza… but apparently bad luck, the car is broken and they offer avanza for cheaper price than they used to. So I just say yes to the rent car… he offered 175k for 1 night with the avanza ( well not a big difference with karimun -150k). I drive to the crystal diver with Sanur map and I found the place easily – not lost at all, good job wulan! :p
Arriving there, I met Mr. Abbi Carnagie and Anita, they greet me since Minni is in the sea for teaching the other students. One of the staff there, Jemi, showed me the accommodation – it haven’t finished yet, thanks God I didn’t come here earlier- after that I went back to the center and sit there for waiting for the other students to show up. The first one in Vintty, she is from Manado and already took advance dive master certificate. there are only 2 girls for this class me and Vintti. We will be roommates for the next 10 months.
The clock shows 1 pm already and I went to McD with Vintty, first time eating McD in Bali what a pathetic. its all because I don’t know where is the cheap food around Sanur, ok I did browse all the restaurant before but I don’t know the place is. Finish lunch, I came back to the center and meet the other guys… Komang, Eri, Imam, and Nico. They all have been diving before! OMG!!! Im the only one who never dived before! But why the gave me this opportunity? I really amazed with this.

Since the students and the PADI vice president cant come this day, they will move the opening ceremony to 20th of April. Then we did a little meet and greet/ speech, Introduce ourselves and a information for the next step ( also dont forget to take the picture :p). After finish all the speech, we – all the 6 students go to the kost ( the accommodation for 10 months training) its behind the center Jl. Bumi AyuI still don’t know the number because this house hasn’t finished yet. They still do the first floor. I will share the room with Vintty and we still need a couple stuff for the room such as bucket, dust bin, kitchen appliance, etc. So we do the shopping to get what we need for the room.

Well so far the day been so tiring and fun. I can live my own without my parents ( well it is different when your parents still in the same city), new places to discover, new friends, new activities, whole new life for me! Thanks to my lovely Boy friend who always support me through all this things, he always encourage me to go with this thing. Love you babe! And I look forward to this whole new world!